Test Capabilities
Functional Test
Customer Provided Test Fixtures






LabView Based Test Fixtures


Repair Services
Assembly troubleshooting and repair for products built and tested by independent test facilities.


Inventory Management
Minimize assembly delivery lead time and optimize cost of inventory.


Worldwide Consignment Inventory
Build to forecast and hold inventory at worldwide spares stocking locations.
Custom Inventory Management Contract
Flexible contracts to meet your inventory management goals.


RoHS Conversions
Analyze design and provide RoHS compliant components.


Part Substitution
Provide part substitutions and document changes to achieve RoHS compliant assembly.
Form, Fit, Function, Interchangeable Redesign
Redesign to provide a form, fit, function, and interchangeable RoHS compliant components.


EOL and OBS Component Mitigation
Cost effective solutions to extend product life due to End of Life and Obsolete components.


Bonded Inventory
Limited inventory for maintaining product availability during a transition to replacement product.


Last Time Procurement
Utilize Manufacturer’s Last Time Buy opportunity to lock in inventory for duration of product’s expected end of life.


Material Life Cycle Review
Analysis of component EOL risks and recommendations for mitigation.